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    Chai Rotel

    The segulah of distributing drinks which brings yeshuos

    Chai Rotel is well-known, as a segulah for yeshuah on Lag B’Omer in Meron, by distributing drinks or food weighing Chai (18) rotel.

    Sources of the segulah

    The custom is mentioned in holy books hundreds of years ago as a segulah for children: “It is handed down from the elders of the Land of Israel that giving Chai Rotel of wine in honor of Rashbi, and especially on the day of his hilulah, is a segulah for children” (Sefer Taamei Haminhagim).

    Rabbenu Ovadia of Bartenurah, the great commentator on the Mishnah, notes the segulah and adds that “On the 18th of Iyar, people come from all the surrounding areas and light large torches, in addition to lighting an eternal lamp… Many barren women had children and sick people recovered through the vow and freewill offering which they volunteered to that place.”

    The segulah of Chai Rotel can help you too!

    The segulah

    In recent decades, the segulah of Chai Rotel is an inseparable part of the landscape on Rashbi’s hilulah on Lag B’Omer, with those needing a yeshuah standing on the sides of the road leading to Rashbi’s tziyun in Meron and offering the olei regel food and drink, and asking them to have intent when they make a brachah for the success or recovery of their dear ones. The yeshuos did not take their time coming in all spheres, such as livelihood, refuah, shidduchim, children, and nachas from children.

    You can do the segulah yourself by distributing drinks or food amounting to 54 kg./ liters [120 lbs.)/ 14.25 gallons], to all the passersby on Lag B’Omer on Mount Meron, who make a brachah with kavanah for your zechus  and success!

    The segulah today

    In recent years many people choose to make things easier, and instead of standing themselves under the hot sun to distribute the Chai Rotel, they donate the money for the segulah of Chai Rotel to the Petach Hamearah Yeshivas Hamekubalim, whose members study the holy Zohar on the day of the hilulah on Lag B’Omer in Meron, for yeshuah and success above nature.

    That means you can do  the Chai Rotel segulah without any effort!


    Need a yeshuah?

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