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    The ruins of the ancient synagogue

    The ruins of the ancient synagogue in Meron are on the peak of Mount Meron, not far from Rashbi’s grave. There is a tradition that it was established by Rashbi or even earlier, during the Second Temple period. The ruins testify to a comfortably off Jewish settlement in Meron at that time. The synagogue doorpost […]

    Rabbi Yochanan Hasandlar

    The grave of Rabbi Yochanan Hasandlar is located in Meron close to that of Rashbi. He was one of the students of Rabbi Akiva, a descendant of King David, and his name was derived from his profession of being a shoemaker or a diamond trader, or perhaps because there is a halachah regarding shoes in […]

    Cave of Hillel and his students

    Hillel and Shammai’s Cave is a burial cave close to Rashbi’s grave on Mount Meron, and is ascribed to Hillel Hazaken and his students. According to tradition, in the depths of the cave there is a spring which can bring yeshuos.

    Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma

    The grave of Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma is situated in the Meron mountains, not far from the tziyun of Rashbi, on the Burma A road. His burial place was identified by a talmid of the Ramban in the sefer Totza’os Eretz Yisroel.

    Rabbi Yitzchak

    The grave of Rabbi Yitzchak is situated in the courtyard of Rashbi’s cave, on the right-hand side of the gateway to the inner courtyard. Rabbi Yitzchak is quoted in the Idra Rabba and was one of Rashbi’s closest students, and his grave was identified by the Shlah.

    Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon

    The grave of Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon is close to that of Rashbi on Mount Meron in the Upper Galilee. The grave is accessible via the courtyard of Rashbi

    Rashbi’s Tziyun

    Rashbi’s tziyun is situated in a burial cave on Mount Meron in the Upper Galilee. An impressive building was constructed above the cave, and serves as a synagogue, with men’s and women’s sections, close to the grave. There is a mikvah nearby, and the second floor has rooms for visitors available for rent.