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    The Cave Entrance

    A secret spot on the lower level of Rashbi in Meron

    According to tradition, the place of Rashbi’s kever is inside the burial cave which was immediately stopped up with stones, to prevent the entry of people who could be harmed by the overpowering sanctity of the site.
    Thus the upper level above the cave was built, which today includes an impressive building which contains a shul and a mikvah, with Rashbi’s tziyun in its center and situated directly above the site of Rashbi’s grave in the lower level of the cave. There is a dividing wall on the tziyun, to separate the men’s and ladies’ sections, as we are all familiar with from our visits.
    Huge numbers of olei regel come here on Lag B’Omer and throughout the year, to pray for a yeshuah and study the holy Zohar close to Rashbi’s grave.

    The lower level of the structure

    Not many people know that in our times there is access to the entrance of the holy cave which was blocked, on the lower level of the structure in Meron. The Cave Entrance is the main place visited by the great mekubalim and tzaddikim who come to Meron to daven and bring supernatural yeshuos.

    Wondrous events at the Cave Entrance

    The backstory of the “petach hame’ara” appears in writings from centuries ago, when several workers tried to enter the cave and move the stones blocking the entrance. Within a short time they collapsed and died. This was a sign from Heaven regarding the sanctity of the place, which must not be entered!
    Since then, the Cave Entrance has become an auspicious place for yeshuah, the site of the Yeshivas Hamekubalim of Hachnasas Orchim Rashbi Meron who learn Zohar and kabbalah every night from midnight to dawn.

    Segulos at the Cave Entrance

    Inside the Cave Entrance, in front of the stones blocking the entrance, is a perpetual olive oil light, which has been burning unceasingly for years on end. Many people have been saved in the merit of lighting the candle and the shirayim of the oil taken from there which can bring miraculous yeshuos. In addition, the minhag of lighting the candle of yeshuos at the Cave Entrance for personal yeshuah in all areas, is well-known.

    This is the time for you to light the candle of yeshuos of Rashbi
    to light up your life!