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    The holy Zohar

    The mysterious sefer which was only revealed
    one thousand years after it was written

    The holy Zohar, the primary sefer of kabbalah and the Jewish nation’s secret wisdom, was a Heavenly gift received by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his students, who were known as the Chavraya Kadisha, approximately two thousand years ago. For many the book remained hidden, and only a chosen few were part of the secret group which learned it and  lit up the world in the process.

    The revelation of the Zohar

    In a chain of wondrous events, the Zohar was revealed only some 800 years ago by Rabbi Moshe de León. Since then it has spread and many commentaries were added by the great rabbis of the succeeding generations.

    The hidden secrets of Torah are revealed for the first time

    Within the Zohar the hidden secrets of Torah and the secrets of Creation are revealed according to the order of the Torah, alongside the passages of Raya Mehemana on the 613 mitzvos. Amongst other things, the Zohar describes the moments of gathering in Idra Rabba, Idra Zuta, and Idra de bi Mashkana, the order of the upper halls, the Midrash Hane’elam, the secrets of Torah and Tikkunei Zohar, which are 70 drashos on Bereishis.

    The Torah of reincarnation of souls and the secrets of Creation

    The Zohar is the foundation stone of kabbalah and the secret wisdom of the Jewish nation, granting deep inner meaning to the understanding of life, reincarnation of souls, the secrets and purpose of the Creation.

    Learning Zohar is a tremendous segulah for protection, success and yeshuah above nature, and therefore the members of the Petach Hamearah Yeshivas Hamekubalim opposite Rashbi’s tziyun learn Zohar every night, for your merit and that of the entire Jewish nation!

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