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    Rabbi Shimon sent angels to look after the child

    After waiting for children for almost five years, and many segulos in merit of Rashbi, my husband
    and I had the zechus to embrace our child who we named Shimon, after Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
    When Shimon was two years old, I began working as a secretary, and one day I was asked to take a
    package from the business to an address very close to my home.
    I picked my son up from the childcare center and continued to the address with the stroller.
    I left the stroller for one moment at the entrance to the building, turned to the door where I would
    deliver the parcel and at the same time heard the sound of a baby crying. I thought to myself, “I’m
    sure that’s not my baby, but I’ll just check everything is okay…”
    I turned around – and the stroller with my child in had vanished!

    I was full of dread and began running along the path which ends at the roadside, and found the
    stroller with my baby in overturned at the end of the path… Meaning the stroller had rolled down
    the path because of a problem with the brakes, but stopped one yard before the road!
    I burst into tears, lifted up my baby, hoping nothing had happened to him, and to my great joy he
    immediately began to cry, together with me…
    With a sudden wave of relief I took a taxi cab to the hospital, while at the same time updating my
    husband who also quickly arrived at the hospital.
    Extensive examinations showed that the baby had a few minor scratches, and hadn’t been harmed,
    thank G-d, either internally or externally…
    I felt that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s angels had protected my child for me, because there had been
    nothing to stop the stroller continuing to roll down to the road, chas v’shalom!