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    The housing crisis which was solved in a surprising manner

    The great housing crisis was especially relevant to us. If every young couple in Israel is impacted by
    it, we were affected even more. Both because of the rising housing costs and also because of our
    lack of ability to purchase an apartment.
    Meanwhile we lived in a small apartment, one and a half floors below the ground in a parking lot in
    The view from our windows didn’t include daylight or hearing the birds chirping, just headlights from
    passing cars…
    But then the opportunity arose and we dove into the water.
    We found a wonderful, airy, and new apartment in one of the mixed neighborhoods in Jerusalem, at
    a very reasonable price, and we hurried to sign the contract.
    We raised a mortgage and additional sums from the bank deposits and loans – whatever we were
    However, we weren’t properly prepared, and thus it was one month before the date for paying the
    final installment – without us having the needed amount of NIS 200,000.
    If that wasn’t enough, after signing the contract, the prices had continued rising, and the apartment
    owner was waiting for an opportunity like this to renege on the contract…
    We were under a lot of pressure and stress.
    During that tense time, my wife and I decided to try donating in the merit of Rabbi Shimon bar
    Yochai, to merit an urgent yeshuah.
    Just one day passed and one of my uncles called. He had heard that I was in the middle of buying an
    apartment, and he had NIS 60,000 which was available for a few months.
    Strengthened and encouraged by the yeshuah, we added another donation in merit of Rashbi, and
    just one week later my wife was informed by the bank that she was entitled to an express loan of
    NIS 190,000!
    We were able to deposit the full amount two weeks before the final payment date, and we became
    the owners of our sought-after apartment which saved us, with siyata d’Shmaya from our own
    housing crisis, in the zechus of Rabbi Shimon.